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Third Wheel Tours, Sidecar Wine Tour - Season 2, Episode 3

December 28, 2022 Valerie Mercado
Everything Central Coast
Third Wheel Tours, Sidecar Wine Tour - Season 2, Episode 3
Show Notes

Thank you for joining me on another episode of Everything Central Coast
Today we are going for a ride.............that's right a ride in Paso Robles Wine Country.
We will be visiting Cass Winery courtesy of Third Wheel Tours.......
A unique side car one of a kind wine tour experience............

Third Wheel Tours is located on the east side of Paso Robles California which is also known as Paso Robles Wine Country. You will arrive at Cass Winery and Third Wheel tours is located on the premises to the immediate left, you cannot miss the beautiful bikes.

The guys promptly greet you and get you and your guests checked in then you can expect a quick tour and safety briefing of what to expect and how to board your bike.  Guys in the back, ladies in the front.  Oh and don't worry about your hair because you will have a helmet on the entire time.

Once you are all secure it is time for the fun part.  We chose the Explore Cass Winery Tour which consists of 2 stops and the third includes lunch at Cass Winery.

At each stop your private sidecar operator will set up your wine tasting experience which you can enjoy while seated in your sidecar.

This was a great way to experience Cass Estate Vineyard.  Enjoy world class wines, stunning views and the best of what Paso has to offer all in one spot.

So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a fun, new experience, THERE mission is to whisk THERE guests away on an unforgettable adventure and create lifelong memories in the process.

A Unique adventure like you've never experienced before.
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Enjoy the ride!

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Third Wheel Tours -  https://thirdwheeltours.com/